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A long career as a professional wakeboarder has enabled me to make my passion my life and give me incredible experiences and opportunities off the water as well as on. From over 20 years of being immersed in this world at every level, my work has come to encompass roles as an event host and commentator, TV presenter, voice over artist, industry journalist, event organiser and PR/marketing consultant.


At least half of my work comes from outside of wakeboarding but I'm involved up to my eyeballs at all levels in this world; as a coach, coach trainer, organising/hosting/'fronting' contests and events, working with brands and athletes in the sport as well as being heavily involved with the sports governing body, British Water Ski and Wakeboard (BWSW). My work for BWSW covers several projects and initiatives. This work focusses mainly on coaching/coach training, qualification development, content creation and general marketing.

My goals on both a personal and professional level where wakeboarding is concerned are to continue helping with the sports development in all areas. My vision is to see the ongoing exponential growth of wakeboarding through increased profile and actual numbers getting on the water, helping existing venues and assisting in the creation of new quality facilities that give as many people as possible access to this incredible sport and lifestyle which has given me so much.

I am also extremely passionate about this other side to my life which makes up more than half of the work I'm now engaged in. Presenting and commentary of sports and big events in a world that I'm so privileged to be a part of is such a buzz and I'll continue to push these elements of my working life more and more. I will also continue my work behind the scenes with events, brands, action sports companies, governing bodies and athletes to ensure I am always involved in action sports in some form.

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